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One-of-a-kind Beauties

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Inspiration
November 21, 2014

One-of-a-kind Beauties by Layna Palmer

Today we feature a few of our One-of-a-kind beauties – we have so many amazing OOAK Stones that today I’ve asked one of our assistant writers to help tell you a little bit more about our One-of-a-Kind Gemstones and One-of-a-kind Druzy Cabochons.

So, sit back, relax and read about our beauties!

One-of-a-kind Gemstones:

Both fluorite and quartz come in a wide variety of colors and have a glass-like appearance. The most familiar color for fluorite is purple or blue, but the yellow is a very intense and saturated color with banding variations of yellow and clear. One fun property of fluorite is that it can change color and intensity under fluorescent lighting. This is one reason why fluorite is nicknamed the “most colorful mineral in the world.” Fluorite absorbs negative energy and can bring mental clarity in chaotic situations (I know what I’m wearing on Thanksgiving!).

Like fluorite, quartz is another mineral that comes in a rainbow of colors. Lemon quartz is a light to dark-yellow citrine that lacks the orange and brown undertones of citrine. Lemon quartz is also called “green gold” and usually mined in Brazil. Lemon quartz helps the wearer with creativity, optimism, and helps to focus the mind bringing clarity to achieving goals.

One of a Kind Gemstones

One-of-a-kind Pendants:

No piece of jasper or agate is ever the same and each has its own interesting story to tell. The “pictures” in jasper are formed from a sedimentary process through wind, water and time, each stone painting a picture of the earth from whence it came. Wearing jasper can alleviate stress and is also known as a “diet stone” for its ability to boost emotional strength and self-discipline (I will be wearing a lot of this in January).

Agate has a finer grain than jasper and is usually associated with volcanic rocks. Agate forms in bands as layer upon layer of silica rich water deposits in cracks and spaces of rocks and can form petrified wood as the silica replaces the fiber in trees. Each piece of agate is also individual and unique, even when cut from the same slab. Agate forms in concentric bands of color, plume’s, and circular formation known as “eye’s.” Agate comes in every color of the rainbow, including a translucent clear. Agate contributes to inner stability, and can help those juggling multiple tasks.

We’ve featured a few of our beautiful Jasper and Agate Pendants below!

OOAK Pendants

Druzy One-of-a-kind Cabochons:

Drusy’s are beautiful and dynamic stones that can be found in almost every color of the rainbow and have sparkling crystals reminiscent of “sugar plums.” Druse is the sparkly crystals that form through precipitation either on the inside of a rock like a geode, or the outside like a uvarovite garnet. Our drusy’s are one of a kind beauties from the inside of geodes and come in a variety of colors and textures.

Drusy’s can help get rid of negative feelings or thoughts, and can heal feelings of worry and self-doubt while bringing the wearer a sense of well-being and happiness.

Druzy One of a Kind Cabochons
Extra Large Druzy Cabochons
Large Druzy Cabochons
Medium Druzy Cabochons
Small Druzy Cabochons
Tiny Druzy Cabochons


Desinger One-of-a-kind Cabochons:

One of our designer cabochons that you may not be familiar with is Tube Onyx.  Originally called “flowering cave onyx,” this stone comes from the stalactites and flowstone in calcite rich caves.  Most tube onyx comes from caves in central Utah, and has been found in various regions of the Ozarks and Mexico.  Traditionally, onyx has been used to clear the base chakra and balancing energy, it can also increase stamina and self-control while facing life-challenges

Designer One-of-a-Kind Cabochons

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of our OOAK Beauties – our Gemstones and Druzy Cabochons – and that you’ll take another look at a few of them for your next project!

Happy Wrapping!

Content contributed by Layna Palmer

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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip November 19, 2014

 Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

As we get closer to the Thanksgiving Holiday, many of us begin thinking about putting up the Christmas tree and filling our homes with holiday decor. Many look at purchasing or making new ornaments for the tree as well. I know that I try to to add a new ornament every year, typically something that has significance to me from an event throughout the year.

As I was perusing our patterns this week, I came across this one from one of our past contributors, Brenda Sigafoos, and I thought I would share it with you – the Beautiful Snowflake Ornament.

There are so many fun variations you could do with this! Take a look at our Siam, Peridot, and Crystal Bicone Swarovski. We also have Emerald and Garnet in the round Swarovski Crystals. All are perfect for this project and would light up any tree with color!

Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

Designed by Brenda Sigafoos © 2012

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Forming loops, wire and glue assembly

Bling it up next winter with a beautiful Swarovski® snowflake created with just headpins and crystals! Make it a family project – kids would love to help make their own snowflake ornaments! – or use fine materials to give as gifts or sell as stocking stuffers. You’ll use a little glue in this pattern to keep the arms of the snowflake in place, but you can experiment with other ways to lock them in place, too!




  1. Place the following beads on a single eyepin in this order: four 2mm beads, one 4mm bicone, and one 2mm bicone. Then trim 1/2″ away from the last bead and make a small loop with round nose pliers. Squeeze the little loop you just made with flat nose pliers to secure.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentRepeat these steps until you have eight eyepins with beads.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  2. Take your headpin and slide on one 4mm bicone and a spacer bead.Beautiful Snowflake Ornament
  3. Next, slide all the looped eyepins on the headpin, so that the 4 similar beads of each eyepin are facing inward. Fan out in a snowflake arrangement, as shown. Now take your last 2mm bead and slide it on the headpin, where it will hold the eyepins in place.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  4. Move the 2mm bicone back slightly, out of the way, and squeeze a drop of Super Glue under the bicone. Squeeze a drop of Super Glue on the bead end, then slide the bicone back in place, holding the eyepins. Super Glue it will dry quickly, so work fast!  Note: Be sure to read the directions on your glue, in case it needs time to set.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  5. Take your flat nose pliers and bend the headpin at a 90° angle immediately after the glued bicone. Then make a simple loop or wrapped loop at the end of this bent wire. This loop will attach to the ornament hook.
    Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  6. Take the last headpin and shape it over a pencil, jump ring maker, or round nose plier jaws. Firmly shape it into an ornament hook.Hint: Beat the hook with a rawhide or nylon hammer to harden the hook.Open the eyepin loop to attach it to the snowflake.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake Ornament

There you go, a beautiful handmade ornament: a great gift to give, or to make as a  family project to hang on your tree.   Thanks to Brenda for sharing this beautiful pattern with us. I hope that you all enjoy making these and including them in your holiday decor! Take a few pictures and send them to us – we’d love to see them!

Happy Wrapping!

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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Inspiration for
November 17, 2014

Aren’t you excited for the 2015 Tucson Jewelry Classes this winter, hosted by JewelryTools.com!

Come learn the art of making jewelry with us, January 29th – February 9th, 2015 at the JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show. We’ll have the BEST jewelry classes in Tucson in 2015, with a wide range of jewelry instructors teaching jewelry-making classes from 10am to 6pm every day of the show. We’re planning to have the best Tucson gem show classes in town! Plan your 2015 Tucson trip around taking a class – or a few! – at the Jewelrytools.com Jewelry Classes at JOGS this February.

Featured Instructor: Carrie Story

Carrie Story

Throughout her career, Carrie Story has proven herself as an expert designer, an accomplished jewelry maker and an enthusiastic instructor. From an early age, Carrie exhibited an interest in the creative arts and garnered recognition in college, winning a state award in graphic design for four custom pieces showcased in area museums.

In 2005, Carrie began creating beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings and soon after established her own business, Divine Ornaments. Carrie quickly developed a passion for metal clay after taking several classes, which fueled her desire to share her vast knowledge with students. Known for her approachable and dynamic teaching style, Carrie maintains an enjoyable atmosphere where students feel free to express their own gifts and talents while focusing on technical aspects in an entertaining manner.

Carrie’s dedication to teaching is obvious to her students. Carrie currently serves as a Contributing Artist for Metal Clay Today and has been galleried in Metal Clay Artist Magazine. Carrie’s work is shown and sold in galleries throughout the east coast. Recently, Carrie was featured in Thrive Magazine and The Cheraw Chronicle as a rising new jewelry artist. Carrie is a Certified PMC Instructor and teaches throughout the United States. Carrie is committed to her own professional development and continuously seeks out opportunities to improve her skills so that she can best serve her class.

Click Below to explore Carrie’s Classes this January and February in Tucson:

2/08/2015 2:30pm – 6:00pm Carrie Story Prometheus Copper & Bronze Clay Boot Camp

We are lucky to have Carrie Story as one of our returning JewelryTools.com instructors this year at the JOGS show from
January 29th – Feb. 9th in Tucson, Arizona!

Find out more about our Jewelry Classes in Tucson and sign up today!

Happy Wrapping!

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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip
November 14, 2014

Gift Giving Ideas for the Wire Wrapper in YOUR Life

As I was trying to decide what to tell you about today, I saw a sign that read “41 Days until Christmas” and I panicked a little bit! I can’t believe that? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about sunshine and making anklets to wear by the pool! Today, I’m looking out my window and it’s snowing and blowing and I’m wondering if I’m going to have all of my projects done in time.

So, I thought I would do a post today dedicated to Gift Giving Ideas for the Wire Wrapper in YOUR Life.

Maybe you have a friend or a family member who is just getting started and you just don’t know what to get them, or perhaps your significant other has asked you “honey, what would you like this year?” and you haven’t yet told them…

Well, I took a quick poll around the office to see what everyone would have loved to receive as a gift and I got some great ideas for you!

Gifts for the Beginner:

I asked our customer service gals to tell me what they would love to have received as a “beginner” – here’s what they said:

Janina and Layna both agreed that it might be awesome to receive the Jump Start Beginner Classes on DVD and our Ultimate Wire Pliers Set! They thought those two gifts would give them the little “kick” to get them started!

All 6 Jump Start Beginner Classes on DVD

Debbie told me: ” I would have loved getting the tumbler set, with all the works! There are so many different things you can use it for like hardening and finishing projects, getting jump rings ready to use, and polishing rocks and gemstones.”

She also thought that receiving one of our 7 Piece Mini TruStrike Hammer Set’s would be awesome! You get so many different heads for use with all of your projects.

With that she would also have wanted to receive the Bench Block Helper with Steel and Nylon Blocks, and the Rawhide and Brass Hammer. (Those would keep her out of her husbands tool box!)

Medium Rawhide Hammer 1 1/4 inch - Pack of 1

Intermediate Level Gifts:

I asked Meghan (from our warehouse), who considers herself and Intermediate level wire wrapper, what kinds of gifts she thought she would like this year!

She said: I would love getting the Entire Intermediate DVD Series, and any kind of wire! She especially loves creating with our Colored Craft Wire or our Base Metal Pattern Wire so either of these would be great gifts for her!

Enameled Craft Wire
Base Metal Pattern Wire

A few tools that might be added to that list of “great gifts” would be the Lindstrom Multi Purpose Shear for cutting Pattern Wire and the Xuron Double Flush Cutter for cutting wire or heavy metal strands.

Layna also metioned that she loves creating beautiful bracelets and earring combinations with Argentium Wire, Pearls and faceted Gemstone Beads so any combination of those would suit her just fine!


Advanced Level Gift Ideas:

Here’s a few quick ideas that we came up with for the advanced wire wrapper in YOUR life!

Why Join Gold Club? Discover the benefits and savings below

A Gold Club Membership:

Wire Jewelry Books

For the person who has everything:

And last but not least, if you just can’t decide what to give someone, don’t worry… we’ve got you covered! We also offer Gift Certificates!

Gift Certificate Gift Certificates make outstanding gifts for friends, family or loved ones and can be redeemed for any product in our store.

So, now that I’ve given you some great ideas, I need to go get working on the rest of my projects! I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the items our staff here would love to receive!

Happy Wrapping!


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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip November 12, 2014

 Wire Jewelry Resource Center

Have you ever wondered what gauge or temper of wire to use? Or have you ever wondered what the term “Assay” means? I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all had some basic questions, so today I thought I’d take you on a tour of our Wire Jewelry Resource Center. So, sit back, grab a cup of hot cocoa and let’s take a tour!

Welcome to the Wire Jewelry Resource Center

We’re committed to helping you develop into the best wire jewelry artist you can be. Whether that means stocking the highest quality wire, cabs, and beads for your jewelry making, or providing free patterns and daily tips, we want to help you make and sell your jewelry.

Making jewelry is about having fun, meeting new people, and making friends for life. Whether you’re making jewelry for friends you know, for customers on Etsy, or for clients from brides to belly dancers, you’ll find tips and tricks to make your jewelry making experience faster and more enjoyable!

Below you’ll find links to many of the topics that we have in our Resource Center. If you can’t find a topic to answer a question, try searching our Blog by keyword.

New to Wire Jewelry? Start Here!


FREE Chakra Earring Pattern – Click Here to View

Free Jewelry Instruction & Education:


From jewelry patterns to sales tips and techniques to books on the craft of wire jewelry, Wire-Sculpture is proud to stock resources that will improve your jewelry making and refine your technique!DVDS, Books and Tutorials

Events and Contests:


2014 Craft Wire Contest Winner

Check here for great contests and class info!

All About Wire:


Add these links to your “favorites” bookmarks for all of those time when you just need a question answered!

Caring for your Jewelry:

Jewlery Polishing Kit

Tools for all aspects of caring for your jewelry.

All About Gemstones:

Selling Tips

Everything you need to know about Gemstones and more…

Jewelry Business:

Selling Tips

Get some great tips on building and keeping your business running smoothly! We want all our customers to be successful in all their jewelry endeavors! From mastering a framed cabochon pendant to selling it to the perfect customer for the price it truly deserves, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

In our Definitive Guide, we reference several articles and topics already discussed on our site. Please explore the Business Resource Center for guidance on photography, inventory management, promoting your business, and more!

If we don’t answer your questions in our Resource Center, our customer care representatives would be happy to help you! Give them a call at 1-877-636-0608 or you can  CHAT LIVE with them Monday – Friday , 8am to 5 pm, MDT.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of our Wire Jewelery Resource Center.

Happy Wrapping!


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