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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip
January 07, 2010


What is a 7 prong, or any prong for that matter, bell cap used for?


As a child, my mom taught my brother and me to tumble rocks, and then to make ‘rockhound’ jewelry. These pieces were made by gluing bell caps to the tumble polished stones and then attaching these stone charms to base metal, chain bracelets or key chains and were proudly given as holiday gifts to family members.

Bell caps are generally made of a base metal (sometimes plated) and are in the shape of a baseball cap or a cone head. They have several prongs (which can be shaped as scallops, petals or spikes) that can be bent as needed to fit over the top of an item (such as a tumbled stone) and are then glued to whatever, forming a charm. See a photo here:

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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