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Dale “Cougar” Armstrong was one of our Tucson 2012 Instructors! Discover Dale’s wire wrapping classes here: Dale Armstrong Course Listings

Dale Cougar ArmstrongDale “Cougar” Armstrong is the Education Consultant emeritus for A die-hard rockhound, lapidary, and wire jewelry designer, instructor and author, Dale credits her mom for spurring the main interest that led to Dale’s chosen career. Her mother was an avid rockhound and many, weekend family adventures involved traipsing through the White Mountains of New Hampshire in search of abandoned pegmatite mines. This is where Dale’s fascination with, and education of rocks and minerals began, some 40 years ago.

Dale/Cougar, has a diverse art background, training in two-dimensional art with Carl Haskins of Vermont, and William Keyworth of New Hampshire. She also spent several years receiving personalized instruction with Karl Drerupe, renowned cloisonné and repossé artist. Dale attended the University of South Florida where she studied fine arts and geology. She worked as a technical, advertising artist for several years, ‘before the age of computers’.

Dale "Cougar" - Hands on wire instruction.Under her studio name of Cougar’s Creations, Dale displays her works at juried art shows, where she has taken many awards. As a featured artist, Dale has been interviewed on live television and has works for sale in museums and galleries. Dale “Cougar” Armstrong is a regular contributor to Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazine and has been published in The Wire Artist Jeweler, Bead Unique and Art Jewelry magazines. She is a frequent instructor at Lapidary Journals’ BeadFest events, and has made a series of instructional DVDs, produced by Jewelry Television. As an instructor, she conducts workshops in her personal studio and by request, travels to teach classes at beadshops and other events nationwide.
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Wirework an illustrated guide by Dale "Cougar" ArmstrongDale’s newest success is the recently published 2nd edition of her book entitled: Wirework: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Wire Wrapping.

Dale’s Wire Jewelry DVDs are available exclusively on!
Advance through 4 DVD series to transform your wire jewelry technique!Discover the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Series of wire jewelry DVDs, as well as the Ring Series, with hundreds of hours of high-definition, top-quality wire jewelry instruction! Plus, learn how to sell your wire jewelry with the Definitive Guide, a 3-DVD set by Dale and the Wire Faculty.

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