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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip
May 28, 2010


I want to start working in pearls but the holes are too small for the application I want, how do you enlarge the holes in pearls without breaking them?


Thanks so much for asking! As most of your know, I use a lot of freshwater pearls in my wire jewelry designs, as such I asked Wire-Sculpture to help all of us out and they listened. We now carry two different sizes and two different colors of LARGE HOLE pearls!! I checked them out personally and here are my results: with the exception of the 5.0 to 5.5mm potato pearls in blackish purple/red (that will fit on gauges and shapes up to 20g square) ALL of the rest will fit on wire gauges up to and including 18g round and 20g square! So, you could save yourself a lot of work and purchase them here: Large Hole Pearls

Or, if you already have a supply and need to drill them out, we have a great ‘in-studio’ video to help you with this chore, here: Bead Reaming Made Easy where Scrimshaw Mary demonstrates and explains just how to ream pearls without damaging them.

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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