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September 21, 2010


When seeking emerald-cut stones, what do I need to request in order to get stones beveled on the corners to facilitate prong placement?

-Nancy in Ellijay, Georgia


There are a variety of terms for a rectangular cut, faceted gemstone. To me, as I cut stones myself, if the rectangle has full squared corners, it is a “full cut.” If it has cut off corners, it is a “step cut.” A full cut results in 4 sides, and a step cut has 8 sides. Most professional diamond cutters call a regular “emerald cut” what I term “step cut.”

Four-Sided Cut CZ Eight-Sided Cut CZ
Full Cut
Four-Sided Cut Stone
Step Cut or Emerald Cut
Eight-Sided Cut Stone

The best way to purchase a stone is to ask to see a photo first. If you are having one custom-cut, ask for a “step cut,” making sure the lapidary understands that you mean a rectangle with cut corners.

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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