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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for
February 9, 2011


What flush cutter would you recommend to use in making jump rings? Every one that I use has left the cuts pinched, not cut flat like the jump rings you buy premade. I see several kinds of cutters in the tools section, which one would be better for this type of use?

-Diane in Moore Haven, Florida


Diane, when I teach I always remind my students that no matter how much you spend on "flush" cutters, they will never cut "flush" because you cannot cut molecules; rather, you separate them.

The best way to cut jump rings as flush as possible is to use a jeweler’s saw (you will lose a bit of the size, as the blade will eat some of the metal).

If you are making just a few jump rings for use here and there, just remember to "double cut" them; meaning, cut both ends so they are flat or flush. My favorite wire cutters are the Xuron cutters. (It is so nice that Wire-Sculpture now carries my favorite tools!)

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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