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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for
February 21, 2011


Dale, my question has to do with woven weave bracelets. Have you, or will you, be doing a DVD on the subject? I have seen several, and would be interested in a tutorial in either DVD or book form. Thanks for any help you care to render.

-John in Alma, Arkansas


I agree John, woven wire bracelets are gorgeous! However, that technique is not my personal specialty, so I would like to refer you to the artist who made this design her signature back in the early ’90s, my friend, Linda Chandler.

Linda has an excellent tutorial for the Basket Weave Bracelet design at this link: Basket Weave Tutorial (if the link doesn’t work, visit and click "Instruction for Basket Weave Bracelet Download" on the left side of the screen). Enjoy!

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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