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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip


Hi Dale, I was wondering, as a beginner to your wire wrapping style, what kind of a project should I start with? What do you teach first to you students first? Thanks.

-Tammy in Kelowna, British Columbia


Thanks for such an easy question, Tammy!

As a progressive instructor, the very first project I teach anyone is my All Wire Unisex Bangle.

All Wire Bangle Lesson

To quote myself:

This is my absolute favorite beginner’s project, because it teaches all of the basic skills and techniques I deem necessary to progress into any traditional or classic wire jewelry design that uses square half hard wire. You will learn how to straighten wire using only your hands and how to successfully bundle, tape and then make neat, tight wraps using square half hard wire. The procedures taught in my All Wire Bangle are found in about 85% of my designs and patterns!

Really, these are all of the skills needed to continue working with about any traditional wire jewelry design using mainly square half hard wire. My wrapping technique is good for making any type of wraps!

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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