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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for
March 16, 2011


Hi Dale, I am having a hard time making men’s jewelry look like men’s jewelry. Do you have any advice on making men’s jewelry?

-Judy in Danielsville, Georgia


Hi Judy! Here are the most simple ways I know to make wire jewelry look more masculine:

  • Use a heavier gauge wire
  • Leave off the frills.
  • Use larger, more "earthy" stones

For example, a nice idea for a man’s cabochon pendant would be to make a 25 x 30mm (hematite, black onyx, lapis, tiger-eye, picture jasper, etc) cabochon with a 21-gauge wire frame, and a plain bail. To finish the extra wires at the top, you could either just cut them all a bit longer than the wrapping under them, give each end a slight curve toward the wrap and use flat-nose pliers to press them against the wrap. Or, you could trim all of the wires to about 1/4" long and use chain-nose pliers to give each a slight curve at their ends and then flat nose pliers to spin them toward the wraps, forming a "coronet" topping.

Coronet Cabochon Bail Rope Cabochon Bail
Coronet Cabochon Bail Topping Rope Cabochon Bail Topping

Men’s bracelets are pretty easy to make. I like to use a 20-gauge wire, with either a herringbone, or a single twisted wire on each edge, with a 16-gauge hook and eye clasp. The "Classic Cabochon" or "Pharaoh’s Ring" is a man’s design to begin with (we women have just taken it over). This ring looks awesome when made with 21-gauge or even 20-gauge wire and a simple, classic stone such as black onyx, tigereye, or a sapphire cabochon.

Classic Cabochon Pharaoh's Ring is great for Men and Women!

In my opinion, "old school" men are the most difficult to please with our wire designs. Just keep it very simple, earthy and bold!

Answer contributed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

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