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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for
April 7, 2011


I need advice on making the Pharaoh Ring. I’m using a very big flat pearl, it’s about 18mm wide, any ideas? Or maybe another ring style? I have all of your DVDs. Thanks!

-Ida in Tucson, Arizona


Hi Ida! To make such a wide pearl into a ring, first take into account the size of the finger the ring is being made for. Place the pearl on the finger-is it wider than the finger? If so, then I would use a smaller item. If the pearl "just fits" the width of the finger, it can be used; however, the side bindings will be a bit off. You will have to plan the wraps for a smaller ring, so they lie on the sides of the finger (and might feel cumbersome between the fingers).

Use a cloth measuring tape to measure 2/3 of the finger – around the back and the two sides. Make the normal wire bundle, mark the center and then mark half of the distance you measured around 2/3 of your finger. Work the wraps backwards, beginning each at the 2/3 mark on each side of the center, wrapping back toward the center. Now continue making the ring as normal, except do not use the mandrel and mallet to round the wraps, as they will be on the sides of your finger! When locking the pearl into the frame, the lock-in wraps will go on the sides of the pearl, toward the back. Good luck! (Me, I’d use a smaller pearl or make a larger ring, like a size 12!)

Answer contributed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

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