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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for
August 22, 2011


Where do I find a chart for Viking weave to correlate dowel size, number of loops, and wire size to get a specific finished size piece? Such as what size wire, dowel, and number of loops produces a 4mm finished product?

-Barb in Hotchkiss, Colorado


Hi Barb, I really don’t think you need such a chart. In my opinion and experience, if you wish to make a very small Viking Knit chain (you mention 4mm for the finished product) work on the smallest size dowel that is comfortable for you. The gauge of the wire will determine how many loops you will be able to make. (Of course, the fewer the loops, the more lacy the chain and the easier it will be to pull through a draw plate.) When the knitting is complete, keep pulling it through a draw plate (twice through each size) until it easily goes through the 4mm hole. Maybe some of our readers have another idea or experiences to share with Barb and all of us? (Thanks so much!!)

Answer contributed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

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