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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip
December 11, 2009


I damaged the cutting edges of my Lindstrom cutters. Do you know if they can be repaired (sharpened)?


First I’d contact Lindstrom directly to see if they offer a reconditioning service like Swanstrom does, or find a professional who does tool reconditioning as Lindstom products are rather pricey to mess around with. But they are no good to you as they are and to recondition them yourself, you would use a diamond file or sharpening stone and working in one direction from the joint toward the point, you can reshape and sharpen them yourself. Just remember that as you do this you are removing metal and the jaws will not meet again unless you adjust the jaws to close tighter afterward. (My dear husband made the mistake of using my heavy Swanstrom cutters once for something that about destroyed them and as a metalworker he was able to recondition them for me.)

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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