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by Rose Marion,

Tool of the Week for
March 19, 2012

This week’s tool: Easy Ear Wire Maker, #HOL-100.00

Demonstration by Kate,

You know, when I started out making jewelry, I was using premade surgical steel ear wires from the craft store: not too spendy, already made. For a long time, I was pretty happy with them. That is, until I started photographing my work, and I realized that the ear wires really stuck out. They gave my jewelry a bit of a factory look, which was a surprise for me, since I spent so long creating the handmade components!

Making ear wires that are easy to "batch" a lot at once, but still look handmade, is really important! The Easy Ear Wire Maker will allow you to make dozens of ear wires in one sitting, with just a couple twists of the wrist. See Kate demonstrate in the video above just how easy the Easy Ear Wire Maker is to use!

Click here to see the Easy Ear Wire Maker, only available on
Easy Ear Wire Maker
Please note, this tool is only available on, not Wire-Sculpture.

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