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by Rose Marion,

Gem Profile Contest for
April 13, 2012

As you may have read, Dale is on hiatus from the Wire-Sculpture Blog, including a sabbatical from Gem Profiles, so that she can focus on her own design work and her next book! So let’s do a contest to celebrate Dale’s Gem Profiles.

How well have you been paying attention during the gem profiles? :) Click here to review our Gem Profiles.

Gem Profile Contest: Name that Rock!

It’s pretty simple: Below are 8 pictures from Gem Profiles that we’ve published on the Blog. Simply leave a comment below identifying each stone in order, and you could win! (Don’t sweat it: If a stone is paintbrush jasper, we will accept “jasper.”) The first 5 comments with the correct answers will each win a $10 gift certificate to Wire-Sculpture!
Thanks to everyone who participated, you did great! We have our winners: Valarie, Vivian, Charlotte, Jo Ann, and Janet.
Good luck, rockhounds!!!

Picture #1:

Picture #2:

Picture #3:

Picture #4:

Picture #5:

Picture #6:

Picture #7:

Picture #8:


Think you know them all? Leave a comment listing what stone is pictured, in the order shown, and you could win a $10 gift certificate!


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