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by Rose Marion,

Tool of the Week for
April 23
, 2012

This week’s tool: 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers, #PLR-748.00

Demonstration by Kate,

Make consistent jump rings, split rings, ear wires, connection loops, and more with the 3-step looping pliers. Every wire artist needs at least one multi-step looping plier!

Wire-Sculpture also has a non-concave jaw, which may reduce nicks on wire: click to view 3-Step Wire Wrapping Flat Nose Pliers.

Click here to see the 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers, available on
3-Step Wire Looping Pliers

Click here to see 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers on Wire-Sculpture:

3-Step Wire Looping Pliers  on

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