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Tucson Class Projects

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Inspiration for January 19, 2015

Mark Your Calendar for January 29 – February 9, 2015

Check out these classes in Tucson - save when you register now!

Aren’t you excited for the 2015 Tucson Jewelry Classes this winter, hosted by JewelryTools.com? We are!

Come learn the art of making jewelry with us, January 29th – February 9th, 2015 at the JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show. We’ll have the BEST jewelry classes in Tucson in 2015, with a wide range of jewelry instructors teaching jewelry-making classes from 10am to 6pm every day of the show

We are getting closer to our classes, so today I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the AMAZING projects our instructors will be teaching!

Click below to explore the class projects:

Annette Kinslow

CLICK HERE to view our class schedule either by date or by Instructor. You may register for as many classes as you would like all on the same order.

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Find out more about our Jewelry Classes in Tucson and sign up today!

See you in Tucson!

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Tucson Gem Show

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Resource January 14, 2015

Tucson Gem Show

If you’ve never been to Tucson during the Gem show, you are in for a real treat! From beautiful high end finished jewelry to giant crystal sculptures, you’ll always be surprised at the wonderful finds. Today I wanted to give you just a little bit of a sneak peak into some of the things you might see!

Tenzin and Pasang Beads at JOGS show
JOGS show booth
JOGS show booth with finished jewelry
Treasures at the JOGS show
Turquoise beads at JOGS show
Elephant sculptures at the JOGS show
So much more to see than just jewelry!

JewelryTools.com demo area at the JOGS show

Eva Sherman drawing a crowd at the JewelryTools.com booth.
Vendor booth at the JOGS show 2013
Turtle sculpture at JOGS show
Seraphinite cabochons at the JOGS show
Seraphinite Cabochons.
Pearls at JOGS show 2013

beaders dream at the to bead true blue show

This year, our sister company JewelryTools.com has an amazing group of teachers lined up for our classes at JOGS. If you haven’t had a chance to go take a class – don’t wait! Get your registration in today and come and visit us at JOGS!

Mark Your Calendar for January 29 – February 9,

Check out these classes in Tucson - save when you register now!

Let me introduce you to three of our Instructors:

Featured Instructor: Marilyn Gardiner

Debora Mauser

I love jewelry, color, pattern, and design. It is thrilling to create something new that others love too. And I truly enjoy breaking down something complex into an easy-to-learn sequence that I can share with others, both in print and in the classroom. During the past 13 years I have developed my beading and chain mail skills with energy and enthusiasm and created beadwork and chain mail kits with step-by-step instructions that really work.

I know that the kits have quality instructions because of positive feedback from my students and from customers who buy my kits in classes, at shows and from my online store. I regularly teach classes in bead stores in Toronto, Ontario, and at bead shows and retreats across Canada, in Texas, Tucson AZ and at Bead&Button in Milwaukee WI. In 2007 I was “Folk Artist in Residence – Beadwork” at the Joseph Schneider Haus in Kitchener. I set up a series of lectures, seminars, and demonstrations throughout the year. There was also a gallery exhibit of beadwork that featured my work and included the contemporary and historical work of several other artists. The residency resulted in several articles in the local media.

I later completed a beadwork commission for the museum, and some of my work is sold in the museum gift shop. I have published projects available online at Beading Times, Bead Bugle, All Free Jewelry, and The Beading Gem’s Journal. Some of my kits are sold online through The Jewelry Professor and Beadfx. The Fall 2012 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread published a multi-page Artist Profile of my work. Most of my time at present is directed to the creation of new chain mail projects.

I am currently working on several new designs that will be ready as kits and for teaching at the fall and winter shows. I have well over a hundred active chain mail kits available.

Click Below to explore a few of Marilyn’s Classes this January and February in Tucson:

1/31/2015 2:30pm – 6:00pm Marilyn Gardiner Celtic Stars Bracelet

Featured Instructor: Melody MacDuffee

Jackie Truty

Mel began her jewelry-making career as a crocheter. Now a confirmed wire-worker, she catches her crochet aesthetic leaking over into her newer medium with a fair amount of frequency (with her permission). The author of three books (including Lacy Wire Jewelry, Kalmbach, 2010), with a fourth book due out in May of 2015, Mel has taught all over the U.S. and as far away as Morocco and West Africa. She strongly believes that learning in general, and jewelry classes in particular, should be fun. Hence, her teaching style is laid back, and stress has been advised that it will be denied entrance to her classrooms.

Mel is also the co-founder and director of Soul of Somanya, a small non-profit that provides paid training and steady work at a living wage to at-risk young adult artisans in the Krobo region of Ghana in West Africa (www.soulofsomanya.net).

Click below to explore Melody’s Classes this January and February in Tucson:

2/07/2015 2:30pm – 6:00pm Melody MacDuffee Bezeling Nature

Featured Instructor: Meredith Arnold

Janet Alexander

Meredith Arnold, Comedian Artist/Designer/instructor/ (aka Slash Artist), is a professional artist specializing in mixed media and jewelry arts. Her metal, metal clay, and polymer clay work has been published in books and magazines, presented on television and included in exhibitions around the world.

Combining different materials is an intriguing challenge and presents a wider range of possibilities for the expression that Meredith is seeking to produce. She finds that bringing metal, paint, metal clay, polymer clay, fiber, paper and textiles together provides an adventure into the uncomfortable unknown and expands awareness in every direction.

Currently Meredith teaches at a variety of colleges and art centers in the Seattle area, around the U.S. and Europe and has various appearances on the PBS show ‘Beads, Baubles and Jewels’ and the Edmonds Community College cable channels. As the Director of ArtWorks in Edmonds, a community art center, she has the privilege of mentoring other artists as her “day job”.

Click below to explore Meredith’s Classes this January and February in Tucson:

We are lucky to have Marilyn, Melody and Meredith as JewelryTools.com instructors this year at the JOGS show from January 29th – Feb. 9th in Tucson, Arizona!

CLICK HERE to view our class schedule either by date or by Instructor. You may register for as many classes as you would like all on the same order.

Save NOW with the following promo codes!

Register Today!

See you in Tucson!

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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip
November 14, 2014

Gift Giving Ideas for the Wire Wrapper in YOUR Life

As I was trying to decide what to tell you about today, I saw a sign that read “41 Days until Christmas” and I panicked a little bit! I can’t believe that? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about sunshine and making anklets to wear by the pool! Today, I’m looking out my window and it’s snowing and blowing and I’m wondering if I’m going to have all of my projects done in time.

So, I thought I would do a post today dedicated to Gift Giving Ideas for the Wire Wrapper in YOUR Life.

Maybe you have a friend or a family member who is just getting started and you just don’t know what to get them, or perhaps your significant other has asked you “honey, what would you like this year?” and you haven’t yet told them…

Well, I took a quick poll around the office to see what everyone would have loved to receive as a gift and I got some great ideas for you!

Gifts for the Beginner:

I asked our customer service gals to tell me what they would love to have received as a “beginner” – here’s what they said:

Janina and Layna both agreed that it might be awesome to receive the Jump Start Beginner Classes on DVD and our Ultimate Wire Pliers Set! They thought those two gifts would give them the little “kick” to get them started!

All 6 Jump Start Beginner Classes on DVD

Debbie told me: ” I would have loved getting the tumbler set, with all the works! There are so many different things you can use it for like hardening and finishing projects, getting jump rings ready to use, and polishing rocks and gemstones.”

She also thought that receiving one of our 7 Piece Mini TruStrike Hammer Set’s would be awesome! You get so many different heads for use with all of your projects.

With that she would also have wanted to receive the Bench Block Helper with Steel and Nylon Blocks, and the Rawhide and Brass Hammer. (Those would keep her out of her husbands tool box!)

Medium Rawhide Hammer 1 1/4 inch - Pack of 1

Intermediate Level Gifts:

I asked Meghan (from our warehouse), who considers herself and Intermediate level wire wrapper, what kinds of gifts she thought she would like this year!

She said: I would love getting the Entire Intermediate DVD Series, and any kind of wire! She especially loves creating with our Colored Craft Wire or our Base Metal Pattern Wire so either of these would be great gifts for her!

Enameled Craft Wire
Base Metal Pattern Wire

A few tools that might be added to that list of “great gifts” would be the Lindstrom Multi Purpose Shear for cutting Pattern Wire and the Xuron Double Flush Cutter for cutting wire or heavy metal strands.

Layna also metioned that she loves creating beautiful bracelets and earring combinations with Argentium Wire, Pearls and faceted Gemstone Beads so any combination of those would suit her just fine!


Advanced Level Gift Ideas:

Here’s a few quick ideas that we came up with for the advanced wire wrapper in YOUR life!

Why Join Gold Club? Discover the benefits and savings below

A Gold Club Membership:

Wire Jewelry Books

For the person who has everything:

And last but not least, if you just can’t decide what to give someone, don’t worry… we’ve got you covered! We also offer Gift Certificates!

Gift Certificate Gift Certificates make outstanding gifts for friends, family or loved ones and can be redeemed for any product in our store.

So, now that I’ve given you some great ideas, I need to go get working on the rest of my projects! I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the items our staff here would love to receive!

Happy Wrapping!


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Tools for Fold Forming

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Product Feature for the Week of October 20, 2014

This week we wanted to feature two products that are used in our new DVD Series called Fun, Fast Fold Forming by Eva Sherman.

If you’ve purchased our latest DVD Series by Eva Sherman - Fun, Fast Fold Forming then you would have received an e-book version of the Charles Lewton-Brain’s book, Foldforming.

We’ve had many ask about purchasing a copy of the book to have on their personal bookshelf, and we are happy to now be able to offer it to all of you.

Foldforming Hard Back Book

by Charles Lewton- Brain

Foldforming eBook - Charles Lewton-Brain

More than 20 years ago Canadian goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain invented a radical way to develop forms in metal sheets. In the ensuing decades he has led hundreds of metalsmiths to explore and expand on his pioneering work. Now for the first time, readers can learn his trade secrets in Foldforming.  Foldforming is a conceptual, physical, and intuitive approach to metalsmithing that is informed by the natural characteristics of metals. Rather than forcing form upon a material, this system exploits the inherent qualities of plasticity, ductility, and elasticity in metals, offering significant new series of procedures that are extremely efficient for generating hundreds of unique, three-dimensional forms.

One of the key tools used in the DVD Series by Eva Sherman is the Oval Steel Bracelet Mandrel. This premium steel Mandrel is the perfect partner in creating these amazing bracelets!

Premium Steel Bracelet Mandrel – Oval

5 X  Eye Loupe - Pack of 1

Smooth steel oval mandrel is designed for bracelets with a taper from 2-1/2″ to 1-3/4″. Length 8-1/2″. Weighs 3 lbs. 4 oz. Also available in round.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up your copy yet of Fun, Fast Fold Forming by Eva Sherman, here’s a quick description and a link for you to read all about it.

Fun, Fast Fold Forming DVD Series

5 X  Eye Loupe - Pack of 1

Leading Fold Forming Expert Reveals This Little Known Proven Formula To Make Beautiful Cuffs That Cost Less Than $7 To Make – Even If You’ve Never Touched A Piece of Copper Before

Pick up your Fun, Fast Fold Forming tools and DVDS today and start creating!

Happy Wrapping!

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Magnifying Tools

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Product of the Week for October 13, 2014

This week we feature our Magnifying Tools

Get in close with precision jewelry magnifiers and loupes. Wire-Sculpture.com offers many different jewelry and metal-working magnifier styles.

We have loupes if you just need a quick look and Optivisors for hands free magnification when working with wire and smaller components. One of these little helpers is perfect for assisting with your next jewelry masterpiece.

Magnifying Tools

10x Power Professional Eye Loupe

10x Power Professional Eye Loupe - Economy

Eye loupe. 10x power. Made from sturdy black plastic with a high quality glass lens. Economy model.

5 X Eye Loupe

5 X  Eye Loupe - Pack of 1

5 X Eye Loupe. High quality glass optics. Sold Individually. Could come in 1 of 3 colors Black, Silver or Gold.

Adjustable Headband Magnifier with Light

Adjustable Headband Magnifier with Light

This headband magnifier is ideal for precision wire work, craft and beading projects. Headband is completely adjustable. Supplied with 5 lens plates: 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 1.5X, and 2.5X. Magnifier comes with a detachable LED light source and 11 levels of magnification. Operated by two CR6120 cells (included). Comes with complete easy to use instructions. Great for closeup jewelry projects.

Double Lens Loupe 14x

Double Lens Loupe 14x

Handy retractable case with double optical glass lens foldout. 2 powerful 7x glass lens, combined strength: 14x power. Good for small watch parts, gemstones, and other intricate work.

Jumbo Folding Magnifier 2x

Jumbo Folding Magnifier 2x

Jumbo Folding Magnifier 2x, Lens Size:4 1/4 inches

Portable Folding Lamp

Portable Folding Lamp - Pack of 1

Portable Folding Lamp – Pack of 1. 13 Watt Daylight Bulb. Made of High Impact Black Plastic with a Pure White Reflective Surface. Includes Adjustment Screw to Control Arm Tension.

Optivisor with 1.75 Lens. 14 Inch distance. You’ll see your jewelry clearly with these excellent, reliable Optivisors. DA-3

The revolutionary Quasar LED lighting system is the best possible lighting solution available for your magnifying visor. The fixture snaps over the Optivisor lens plate and significantly increases visibility in any environment. Six strategically placed LEDs around the frame allow for unmatched clarity of image while decreasing and virtually eliminating shadows. The lightweight Quasar easily fits onto your magnifying visor and will run continuously for weeks on a single set of 2 AA batteries (included). MAGNIFYING VISOR NOT INCLUDED.

Pick up your Magnifying Tools today and start creating!

Happy Wrapping!

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