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Featured Tool: The World’s Best Hole Punch

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Tool of the Week for March 9, 2015

This week we feature our Deluxe 4 Hole Metal Punch and the Steel Riveting Block

Time to replace your metal hole punch? Today we feature our Deluxe 4 Hole Metal Punch. and we’ve got a great video by our good friend Kim St. Jean. Watch as she show’s us how to use the Deluxe 4 Hole Punch along with the Steel Riveting Block.



Deluxe 4 Hole Metal Punch:

The Deluxe create holes for wire rivets in 18, 16, 14 and 12 gauge. Punch holes up to 18 gauge metal sheets or multiple metal sheets together with ease.

Steel Riveting Block:

With our new Steel Riveting Block, there is no more guesswork on the length of wire to be cut.

  • The holes on the right are about 1.8mm deep, thus every cut is just the right amount of wire needed to create head” on both sides.
  • The middle row of dimples are for support on riveting in order to hold the shape of the rounded rivet head.
  • The circles on the left side are for riveting Eyelets in 3 different sizes without flatting the rounded rims.
  • Dimples on the side of the block are for rivets. On the opposite side, the circles are for Eyelets for CURVED surfaces. Please note: the block has to be mounted on the vise for this procedure.

If you’re interested in learning more about Metal Cutting, Dapping or Riveting take a look at our Instructional DVDS and Jewelry Books!

Happy Wrapping!

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Polishing Patina

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip March 04, 2015

Ultra-Polish Pad and Metal Brush for polishing patina finishes.

We’ve been discussing patinas and finishes over the last week or so… Today I wanted to share two short videos from our good friend Kate Richbourg at JewelryTools.com.

Kate gives you some quick tips on using the Ultra-Polishing Pad* and a Metal Brush to help polish those pieces that you’ve just antiqued with Liver of Sulfur.

Ultra-Polishing Pad:

These convenient sized Ultra-Polish Pads are great for removing tarnish, highlighting when using liver of sulfur or silver black, or polishing to a high luster, fast and easy. Leaves no residue. They are made of thin, tight-bond foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives. A handy, economical polisher that is truly amazing. Squares are 2" x 2" and sold in packs of 20.

Kate is referencing the Pearl Polishing Pads.  At JewelryTools.com we carry the Ultra-Polishing Pad, which is the same type of product.

Metal Brush:

This brush is excellent for cleaning or surface texturing on soft metals. It consists of 4 rows of brass bristles in a wooden handle. Made in Germany; 8-5/8″ long.

Pick up your Ultra-Polishing Pads and Metal Brush today!

Happy Wrapping!

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Wire Jewelry Resource Center

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip November 12, 2014

 Wire Jewelry Resource Center

Have you ever wondered what gauge or temper of wire to use? Or have you ever wondered what the term “Assay” means? I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all had some basic questions, so today I thought I’d take you on a tour of our Wire Jewelry Resource Center. So, sit back, grab a cup of hot cocoa and let’s take a tour!

Welcome to the Wire Jewelry Resource Center

We’re committed to helping you develop into the best wire jewelry artist you can be. Whether that means stocking the highest quality wire, cabs, and beads for your jewelry making, or providing free patterns and daily tips, we want to help you make and sell your jewelry.

Making jewelry is about having fun, meeting new people, and making friends for life. Whether you’re making jewelry for friends you know, for customers on Etsy, or for clients from brides to belly dancers, you’ll find tips and tricks to make your jewelry making experience faster and more enjoyable!

Below you’ll find links to many of the topics that we have in our Resource Center. If you can’t find a topic to answer a question, try searching our Blog by keyword.

New to Wire Jewelry? Start Here!


FREE Chakra Earring Pattern – Click Here to View

Free Jewelry Instruction & Education:


From jewelry patterns to sales tips and techniques to books on the craft of wire jewelry, Wire-Sculpture is proud to stock resources that will improve your jewelry making and refine your technique!DVDS, Books and Tutorials

Events and Contests:


2014 Craft Wire Contest Winner

Check here for great contests and class info!

All About Wire:


Add these links to your “favorites” bookmarks for all of those time when you just need a question answered!

Caring for your Jewelry:

Jewlery Polishing Kit

Tools for all aspects of caring for your jewelry.

All About Gemstones:

Selling Tips

Everything you need to know about Gemstones and more…

Jewelry Business:

Selling Tips

Get some great tips on building and keeping your business running smoothly! We want all our customers to be successful in all their jewelry endeavors! From mastering a framed cabochon pendant to selling it to the perfect customer for the price it truly deserves, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

In our Definitive Guide, we reference several articles and topics already discussed on our site. Please explore the Business Resource Center for guidance on photography, inventory management, promoting your business, and more!

If we don’t answer your questions in our Resource Center, our customer care representatives would be happy to help you! Give them a call at 1-877-636-0608 or you can  CHAT LIVE with them Monday – Friday , 8am to 5 pm, MDT.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of our Wire Jewelery Resource Center.

Happy Wrapping!


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How to create a Rosary Link

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Tip for Sept 15, 2014

How to create a Rosary Link

by Sherrie Lingerfelt

This week we take a look at one of our older video tutorials created by Sherrie Lingerfelt.   In this short tut she shows us how to make a Rosary Link.  If you are new to wire-wrapping this is a great video tutorial on  how to make a simple link. Enjoy!

How to create a Rosary Link:


To View Our Large Selection of Instructional DVDs – Click Here

For more ideas, be sure to peruse our FREE Jewelry patterns for more information.

Happy Wrapping!

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How Gemstones Are Cut – Revisited

by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Resource for August 13, 2014

How Gemstones Are Cut – Revisited

Today we revisit a great video that we featured a couple of years ago.

John Dyer is one of the biggest names in the gem world. John Dyer’s faceted gems are among the most well-cut I’ve ever seen, and you can tell a John Dyer stone by the tiny “JD” logo cut in a discrete place in the gem.

Video by John Dyer

I hope you enjoy this recent video by John Dyer which explains how a rough stone is taken through the cutting and faceting process to become a brilliant stone, which is then perfect for snapsets and wire prongs for use in wire jewelry.

After watching this video, I think we can all appreciate how much work goes into creating a beautiful gemstone!

If you are looking for some gorgeous Gemstones – take a look at our collection of CZ Cubic Zirconia Gemstons, or our One-of-a-Kind Gemstones, or even our One-of-a-kind Pendants. If you love working with birthstones, take a look at our Birthstone Sets.

Happy Wrapping!

If you aren’t getting our FREE Jewelry patterns yet, it might be a great time to get signed up! We send out a beautiful NEW pattern every 14 days. CLICK HERE to sign up today!

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